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The agricultural sector is obliged to develop in order to meet the increasing needs of the population in food. Among the various ways that increase of agricultural production is presented, the increment use of resources and basic inputs (such as land, water, etc.) and the development of new technologies are faced with problems and constraints.  Basic resources constraints in agriculture to meet the increment food needs of the population, make the importance of soil fertility and increase the yield per unit area much more highlighted with the use of fertilizers. Consequently one of the most important items in soil fertility and effective in process of agricultural crop production is chemical fertilizers, in a way as per the UN FOOD and AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION (FAO), between 33-60 percent increase in world food production in last three decades, has been occurred with thanks to the use of chemical fertilizers.

The growing trend in global fertilizer consumption and availability of gas resources, has lead IRAN to be one of the fertilizer producer countries in the world and in recent years by setting up petrochemical complexes and activation of private sector units, has produced the major part of domestic fertilizer requirements as well as exporting the surplus. In case of realization of the programs completed and inaugurated new petrochemical complexes, IRAN will become one of the most influential countries in the field of fertilizer exports. Meantime, big percentage of domestic production in this sector is urea fertilizer. Moreover, a variety of locally produced fertilizers includes: urea, sulfur coated urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, phosphate simple, multi-element liquid and solid fertilizers (containing macronutrients and micronutrients), a variety of fertilizers with low consumption metal elements such as micronutrients, magnesium sulfate, calcium sulfate, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, boric acid, sulfur and organic fertilizers and biological farming.

According to these requirement and prospects, MAHSAN TEJARAT RA’D holding has inaugurated “SHIMI FAM INDUSTRIES Co.”, a manufacturing company specialized in chemical fertilizers production and by its direct cooperation with more than 80 chemical fertilizer producers began to promote the production and distribution of chemical fertilizers to meet the vast range of domestic and foreign demand through Import and Export missions.